KOINUMA Co., LtdManagement Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Mission Statement
The best products, the highest quality, reliable and consistent

The best products ・・・・ the best and latest

The highest quality ・・・・ handling all products with the warmest regard

Reliable and consistent ・・・・ Consistently delivering you the best quality


Providing guidance and inspiration to enhance your experience with flavor

Not only do we offer the world’s top three delicacies, truffles, caviar and foie gras, but we also offer other products imported from all over the world to restaurants, hotels and wholesalers across Japan.

We take responsibility for the quality of the products from between our customers.

The products that we offer are not often eaten on a daily basis. It becomes a very special moment when you experience their flavor.

We want to make that special moment even more special.
We want to help create that moving experience for you.

Creating that experience together with you is our mission.

CEO Tomonari Koinuma