KOINUMA Co., LtdCompany Overview

Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Information

Company name KOINUMA Co., Ltd
Address 2-1-8, Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-5245-8569
Fax 03-5245-8580
Established Aug 30, 1993
CEO Tomonari Koinuma
Capital stock 10,000,000 yen
Banking MUFG Bank, Ltd. Fukagawa branch, Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd. Fukagawa branch, Higashi‐Nippon Bank, Ltd. Fukagawa branch
Business volume 740,000,000 yen annually (as of Jun 2019)
Affiliated with The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Clientele Over 500 companies

Business content

Business content
  1. Importing, exporting, selling and distributing groceries and everyday goods
  2. Researching and management consulting with regards to the above
Primary business products
  1. Truffle (Fresh, frozen, bottled and canned truffles, truffle juice and truffle oil)
  2. Foie gras (Fresh, terrine, vacuum cooked, canned, etc.)
  3. Caviar (Fresh and pasteurized)
  4. Wild mushrooms (Fresh, dried and frozen)
  5. Poultry (Fresh and frozen)
  6. Olive oil, vinegar and more
Main supplier
GAILLARD (Truffle)
PLANTIN (Truffle)
Valette (Foie gras)
Geofoods (Truffle)
URBANI (Truffle)
MALVASIA (Foie gras)
Arotz (Frozen mushrooms)
Friend&Barrel (Truffle)